Order or contact Hal

The easiest way to inquire about pricing or place an order is to call  636.288.4130 or email  hmoran4130 (at) gmail.com I’ll get back to you in a snap!

I take cash, credit cards, and Paypal, but not bitcoins. I also send e-invoices via Square for easy online payments.

Prices vary based on size and medium. Many options are available including canvas, metal, leather, and various photographic papers.

Canvas wraps suit my artwork very well. Also, be sure to ask me about pearl (metallic paper) prints. It’s the coolest stuff on the planet!


My photo ebook, My Daily Offerings – 101 Visual Metaphors is now available on Amazon. The retail price is $2.99  Here is a snippet from the foreword…

“In the following pages are some stunning images of creation, moments where light was captured at just the right instant. I hope you’re able to give pause and enjoy these beautiful images. Perhaps more importantly, I hope you are able to see in them the deeper meanings they are meant to impart. Yes, they are a photographic record of nature, of life. They are also metaphor. I would modify the old adage in this way: If you turn the page too quickly, you’ll miss it.”

Lauren Mussig,